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Inaugural Donors


Tucker & Karen Andersen

Rozlyn Anderson

Jerome & Anita Atkinson

Marjorie Baskerville

Catherine M. Bolder

Allison Dorsey

Ellen & Michael LaBarbera

Sigrid Lindo

Robert J. Mike

Anne E. Patracuolla

Arlene Pollack

Tanya L. Poteat

Alvin & Delores Smith

Robert Stricoff


Carol Brown

Lydia Davis Barrett

Christopher J. & Deborah Corbett

Alma V. Davis

Lois Donegan

Nancy & Mark Felix

Phillip Tully

Dana A. Gaines

Jan & Jeff Hart

Robert J. Mike

Tanya L. Poteat

Mayor Ed Remsen

Susan Schwei

Jeanne M. Steinmetz

Stephanie K. Yennior


Felice Bibbs

Donna Butterfield

Debbie & Mark Cohen

Anna Coleman

Deborah V. H. Cook

Kristina Gojevic

Susan Hall

George & Rosa Lee

Sigrid E. Lindo

Isabelle B. McDonald

Patricia McIntyre

Elsa S. New

Rose Oosting, Ph.D. ,

Kenneth Powell

Mayor Bob Russo

Jane W. Rappaport

Mary Singletary

Paul Williams

Pamela J. Summers

Corporate & Business Donors

Above & Beyond, Inc.

Port of Authority of NY and NJ (2004)

RayZo Super Bowl Party (2004)

Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley

RayZo Management, Inc

Question Mark, Inc (2004)

Women Celebrate Art & Music Gala Reception (2004)

MakeReady Press, Inc and Gallery 214 Art Space (2004)

Fashion, Finance & Balance (2005) – Maria Cable, Jill Patton, Janet M. Neal, Beth Schultz

AT&T Foundation Employee - Matching Gifts

Schering-Plough Corporation Workplace Giving Campaign - Matching Gifts

Foundations & Trusts

First Baptist (Church) Trust (2002) - $5,000 towards YWCA transition to MFW

B&L Foundation (Bonnie and David Cushing - $6.000/2years)

Fortis Foundation ( Match of Gift from Jerome & Anita Atkinson/$500)

Vincent Mulford Foundation (Emily Mulford, $3,000/3years)

John H. Rudd Foundation (Bequest - $20,000 yr/4 yrs)

Harold Beese Trust (Bequest)

United Way Donor Choice Campaigns

United Way of North Essex

United Way of Bergen County

United Way of Tri-State

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago Area

Donations in Memory of Pat Sordill

Ella Marie “Pat” Sordill was a dedicated member of the YWCA and committed community advocate for peace and social justice.

Cornelia Craine

Dennis F. Fancsali, M.D

Barbara Kanengiser

Patricia & Jeff Kenyon

Lieutenant John & Linda C. Lane

Sordill Consulting - P. A. Sordill

Michael Sordill

Willie & Jenny Sordill

The Legacy Fund

YWCA Montclair-North Essex
Board of Trustees

MFW gives special appreciation to Trustees Emeritus of the historic YWCA Montclair-North Essex for having the extraordinary courage, commitment and vision to transform our legacy into a foundation for the future:

Valerie Sweatt, Carol Brown, Mary Singletary, Valerie Wesley, John Wynn,
Catherine M. Bolder and Ellen LaBarbera

Thank You to our Inaugural Donors for your generous support !

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