Program Goals  

Program Goals for Community Partnerships

MFW seeks to support programs that use traditional or innovative approaches to achieve the following goals for women and girls, with special interest in women and girls of color:

Economic Empowerment
To help women and girls to increase their understanding of modern economics and personal finance, including related math, science and technology.

Public Policy
To educate the public about public, private and nonprofit policies that will increase economic opportunities and life chances for women and girls.

To encourage public examination and education on race and gender biases in media-marketing and popular arts and culture that contribute to significant inequities in access to economic opportunities for people of color and women.

Social Development and Personal Well-Being
To maximize the personal development and well-being of women and girls by helping them to acquire the skills and tools necessary to overcome disruptive life transitions.

To help men and boys identify, examine and change their attitudes and behaviors that can adversely affect the social and personal well-being of women and children.

To increase the participation of women and people of color in charitable giving as a community service and personal wealth management option.




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